Every year, countless children face danger in car accidents

❗️ Annually, over 190,000 expectant mothers experience car accidents.

❗️ Each year, tragically, more than 2,000 of our precious infants lose their lives in car crashes.

Protect your baby
  • Ordinary car seat belts can be a safety concern for pregnant women.
    During an accident, the substantial pressure exerted on the abdomen by the seat belt could jeopardize the safety of your unborn child.
    For pregnant women, conventional seat belt designs may pose more risks than benefits.

    Be Safety 
  • The Seatbelt Adjuster is crafted from robust thermoplastic rubber on the outside and reinforced with steel inside, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and resilience in high-impact situations.

    The adjuster prevents any potential harm to the unborn child, especially during sudden brakes or unforeseen accidents.

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  • Compatible with car seats in legally registered vehicles, this adjuster modifies the standard seatbelt to a 3-point configuration, guaranteeing both comfort during drives and utmost safety for the mother and her growing baby.

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⚠️ Crash-tested and approved for legally registered vehicles in the following countries:

✔️ Australia
✔️ New Zealand
✔️ Canada
✔️ Europe
✔️ United Kingdom
✔️ United States

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