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Maternity Pillow Bundle

Maternity Pillow Bundle

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"I have not gone a night without this pillow! It is perfect bump support while you sleep and it is amazing lower back support when traveling." - Jasmine

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Maternity Pillow + E-Book "First Mom" Included

Experience the advantages of a peaceful night's rest with the MOMYLIFE Maternity Pillow. This uniquely winged pregnancy cushion is tailored for left-side slumber, ensuring both you and your baby remain comfortable, secure, and deeply asleep all night long.

  • Relief Back Pain
  • Decompresses the lower back
  • Relaxes your upper back muscles
  • Safe For You & Your Bub
  • Versatile, Even After Pregnancy!


Optimal Support for Restful Sleep

Our MOMYLIFE Maternity Pillow is meticulously crafted with top-tier materials, ensuring not just comfort but also consistent support during and post-pregnancy. Its unique dual-wing design cradles both your lower spine and your growing belly.

Designed for Side-Sleepers

Doctors often advise side-sleeping for a healthier pregnancy. This position can alleviate lower back and pelvic pain, reduce pressure on blood vessels, and enhance oxygen delivery to your baby.

Travel-Friendly Design

Our MOMYLIFE Maternity Pillow's compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for on-the-go moms, allowing you to bring it along on any journey. It's a great alternative to bulkier full-body maternity pillows.

Safety First for You & Your Baby

Our MOMYLIFE Maternity Pillow is certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, ensuring it's free from harmful substances and is completely safe for both you and your little one.

Built to Last

Constructed with a luxurious cotton blend cover and filled with a mix of polyester materials, our MOMYLIFE Maternity Pillow is designed to retain its shape without lumping or flattening over time. This ensures it remains supportive and comfortable, even after your pregnancy.

Versatile Beyond Pregnancy

Not only is our MOMYLIFE Maternity Pillow essential during pregnancy, but its multifunctional design also makes it perfect for breastfeeding support and as a comfy seat as your child grows.

What's Included?

  • 1x Maternity Pillow
  • 1x E-Book "First Mom"

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  • This isn't just another ordinary pillow you might stumble upon in a store. It's a game-changer designed specifically for expecting mothers. We understand the challenges of finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy, especially as your belly grows.

  • With our Pillow for Pregnant Women, you can comfortably rest in any position, thanks to its unique design that provides relief for back pain. It decompresses the lower back and relaxes your upper back muscles, ensuring you and your baby are safe and snug.

  • Whether you're lounging at home, reading a book, or watching TV, this pillow offers versatility even after pregnancy.

  • Don't wait any longer! Order now, and in just few weeks, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

How does it work?

Dual-Sided Support: The MOMYLIFE pillow envelops both your tummy and back. While one side offers relief and support to your belly, the opposite side ensures you don't roll onto your back as you sleep.

Customizable Width: Tailor the pillow's width as your pregnancy progresses using the velcro attachment, ensuring consistent comfort.

Versatile Designs: Opt for the extended back support if you're a still sleeper or the dual wedge design for side-switchers. Experiment to find your perfect fit!